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Dogs Don’t Care 

Dogs Don’t Care Dogs as a wholedon’t care what they look like(except perhaps for poodles). Let yourself find that dignityand freedomthat creatures know—let the sense of you being youin the momentjust as you arebecome a little fuller.Your body will thank you(it … Continue reading


of course I went downtrembling, trembling, trembling sothe moon on water                   —Kathleen Dunbar

there is a small moment 

there is a small moment  © by Kathleen Dunbar  there is a small moment  when the still air  touches the bird’s breast  and nothing else exists for her  more important  than being alive  to the invisible warmth  that is the … Continue reading

Dogs Don’t Care 

Dogs Don’t Care by Kathleen Dunbar Dogs as a whole don’t care what they look like (except perhaps for poodles). Let yourself find that dignity and freedom that creatures know —let the sense of you being you in the moment … Continue reading

Shaman’s Stone 

              Shaman’s Stone by Kathleen Dunbar  At the heart of your experience is You. And though your Essence may not be weighed, is not palpable or seen, that Mystery makes you all the more … Continue reading